Attractors, Foliations and Limit Cycles

From Attractors, Foliations and Limit Cycles
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The conference Attractors, Foliations and Limit Cycles will take place in Moscow, at the Independent University of Moscow, from 13 to 17 January 2014, celebrating Yulij Ilyashenko's 70th birthday.

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The main topics of the conference are:
  • limit cycles and Hilbert's 16-th problem;
  • holomorphic foliations;
  • complex dynamics;
  • attractors;
  • ergodic theory.


  • E-mail: aflc (at)
  • Conference Emergency Phone Number: +79661863994


Practical details

You can find information about the conference venue, accommodation and transport here.

Organizing and supporting organizations

The conference is organized by

We gratefully acknowledge our supporting organizations:


You can find our poster here.