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(Wednesday 15.01)
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All talks will take place in the Conference Hall of [[Practical details#Conference venue|IUM]], 4rd floor.
== Monday 13.01 ==
== Monday 13.01 ==

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All talks will take place in the Conference Hall of IUM, 4rd floor.

Monday 13.01

10:00–10:45 Registration
10:50–11:35 V. Kozlov Euler–Jacobi–Li Theorem
11:35–12:00 Coffee break
12:00–12:45 R. Roussarie Transitory canard cycles
12:50–13:35 V. Timorin TBA
13:35–15:30 Lunch
15:30–16:15 C. Rousseau Modulus of analytic classification of unfoldings of non resonant irregular singularities of linear differential systems
16:20–17:05 D. Turaev Arnold Diffusion in a priori chaotic case
17:05–17:30 Cofee break
17:30–18:15 P. Dehornoy TBA
18:20–19:20 Welcome party
19:30 Concert

Tuesday 14.01

10:00–10:45 L. Díaz Constructing ergodic non-hyperbolic measures
10:50–11:35 V. Grines On dynamics of diffeomorphisms with codimension one hyperbolic attractors and repellers
11:35–12:00 Coffee break
12:00–12:45 V. Kaloshin Arnold diffusion via invariant cylinders and Mather variational method
12:50–13:35 K. Khanin On Rigidity for Cyclic Nonlinear Interval Exchange Transformations
13:35–15:30 Lunch
15:30–16:15 G. Olshansky Continuous Young tableaux and Markov dynamics
16:20–17:05 F. Loray Transversely projective foliations on projective manifolds
17:10—18:00 Poster session

Wednesday 15.01

10:00–10:45 J. Rebelo Quasi-invariant measures for non-discrete groups on the circle
10:50–11:35 S. Voronin Functional invariants of germs of hyperbolic maps with resonances of Siegel’s type
11:35–12:00 Coffee break
12:00–12:45 D. Treschev TBA
12:50–13:35 M. Lyubich Dynamics of dissipative polynomial automorphisms of ℂ2

Thursday, 16.01

10:00–10:45 S. Zelik TBA
10:50–11:35 S. Luzzatto SRB measures for partially hyperbolic systems whose central direction is weakly expanding
11:35–12:00 Coffee break
12:00–12:45 Y. Qiu Limits for Christoffel-Darboux kernels associated with some modified Jacobi's orthogonal ensembles
12:50–13:35 S. Kuksin Averaging for Hamiltonian PDE with resonances and the weak turbulence
13:35–15:45 Lunch
15:45–17:30 Yu. Ilyashenko, Globus seminar
17:30–18:20 Coffee break
18:20–19:20 Polotovsky TBA
20:00 Banquet

Friday 17.01

10:00–10:45 D. Novikov Multiplicities of non-isolated intersections of Noetherian functions
10:50–11:35 A. Prikhodko TBA
11:35–12:00 Coffee break
12:00–12:45 C. Bjerkloev TBA
12:50–13:35 L. Eliasson Analytic Diophantine KAM-tori are never isolated